Our History

2012 TK101 Chinese Headquarters in founded

2014 TK101 is elected as a Grand Partner of Born2Global center(institution under the Ministry of Science. ICT and Future Planning (MSIP)

2015 TK101 Korean R&D Center Expansion

2016 Verified by the Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBA) and partnered with Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBC)

2016.8 Reached 300% growth in clients & 600% growth in revenue

2017.10 Korea Knowledge Management (KKM) Award Winner

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Proven and Trusted Marketing

We create better content – you get better results. TK101 Global is a digital marketing company who specializes in the Chinese internet space. We’ve worked with small and medium companies to multinational corporations.

What we do

Our team will work around all the governmental red tape, localize your brand, and optimize your web presence to ensure high visibility, relevance and appeal to your desired customers on the Chinese internet space

Our Values

Here at TK101 Global we believe in doing things right
Its not always easy nor does it always afford us prestige quickly but at the end of the day we provide our customers with the best possible return that stands the test of time

Our Offerings

TK101 Global Digital Marketing offers the best optimized marketing solutions to break into the Chinese market

  • Brand Website SEO

    Expose client websites in search results through search optimization techniques

  • Baidu SEO Marketing

    Guaranteed exposure of the associated content on the first page in Baidu unified search field

  • Cost per Click

    Our experts obsessively test ads on platforms like Baidu, 360, and Sohu to ensure you get the conversions you were hoping for

  • Social Media Marketing

    Augment your efforts with Chinese Social media platforms like Weibo, Wechat, and others

  • Brand Localization

    Brand Naming, Trademarking and Image localization

  • Marketing Solutions

    Chinese Web Development, WeChat CRM, and other marketing solutions for the Chinese market

Do you want Chinese Customers?

Increase revenue and gain a competitive edge