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We create better content – you get better results. TK101 Global is a digital marketing company who specializes in Chinese and Korean SEO. We’ve worked with small and medium companies to multinational corporations.

What we do

Our team will work around all governmental red tape, localize your brand, and optimize your web presence to ensure high visibility, relevance and appeal to your desired customers on Baidu, Naver, and Youtube.

Our Values

Here at TK101 Global we believe in doing things right.
But we also emphathize with the financial concerns of our clients.
So we take into consideration short term ROI’s and provide value while we work towards the larger goal of lasting brand awareness in digital China and Korea.
No more waiting a year or two before visible results as is the norm.
It’s not always easy nor does it afford us prestige but we satisfy a common client pain point of short term returns without sacrificing long term gains.

Our Offerings

TK101 Global’s China and Korean Digital marketing offers you a selection of services to tap into the massive volume of Chinese markets and discover opportunities in an untapped Korean market.

  • Naver SEO

    Featured content dedicated to your brand on top of the largest Korean search engine. From PR in Korea, Naver SEO, Naver ads, Naver café, Naver PPC and other avenues we allow your brand to dominate Naver search rankings.

  • Baidu advertising

    Advertising in China is complicated with lots of potential blowback. We safely navigate China’s digital space with Baidu SEM and by creating content that features your brand and rank them on top of Baidu for search terms typed by your Chinese target audience in turn raising your Baidu index for it to stand on its own authority.

  • Korean and Chinese Social Media Marketing

    Augment your brand awareness with Chinese and Korean Social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Naver, Facebook, Instagram Kakao and Youtube.

  • International Influencer Marketing

    Instantly borrow influence with Chinese, Korean and South-east Asian audiences with the help of our vast KOL networks in Asia.

  • Youtube SEO

    With our combined knowledge of video SEO, video production and network of subject matter KOL’s we create videos featuring your products that rank quickly on top of YouTube for desired search terms.

  • China and Korea ICO marketing

    Expand your crowdfunding efforts by branching out with Korea & China ICO’s. We provide the means to tap into the vast potential of Chinese and Korean cryptocurrency investors and stay up to date on rules and regulations to ensure a successful crowdsale.

  • Marketing Solutions

    Web Development tailored to Chinese and Korean preferences, WeChat CRM, and other marketing solutions for the Chinese and Korean markets.

  • Website SEO

    We will rank your website on the top of search engines with Baidu SEO and Naver SEO techniques

Our History

2012 TK101 Chinese Headquarters in founded

2014 TK101 is elected as a Grand Partner of Born2Global center(institution under the Ministry of Science. ICT and Future Planning (MSIP)

2015 TK101 Korean R&D Center Expansion

2016 Verified by the Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBA) and partnered with Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBC)

2016 Stanford University Global Studies and Internship Collaboration

2016.8 Reached 300% growth in clients & 600% growth in revenue

2017.10 Korea Knowledge Management (KKM) Award Winner

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Do you want Chinese and Korean customers?

Increase revenue, diversify risk and gain a competitive advantage before others swoop in.